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Nedith Rachelle Rocillo known as Neds is the Editor in Chief of Nonsensemovingpens. It started as a school project back in 2010 where Neds wrote about traveling in the Philippines and random things about her own life. She enjoyed it little by little until she thought of giving real blogging a “try”. Some people in her school would approach and tell her that they  have read her blog and that they could relate to it. Before she started writing blog posts, she was already doing video blogs on YouTube. She has been very fond of uploading videos of her singing, making covers and girl versions of songs. She has been part of GMA Artist Center for Voice, Center for Pop of the Philippines, and Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Musical Theater. She has contributed in Thought Catalog, a website dedicated to stories and ideas of bloggers from different parts of the world.

Neds graduated from Treston International College as a dean’s lister and as a leadership awardee, where she took up Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management major in Travel Management. She has been very active in different organizations inside and outside of her school eversince highschool. She became the president of two organizations in her middle school, the Lasallian Youth Ministry and the Student Coordinating Body. She also became an editor of their school’s newspaper, the Saviors Chronicle. When she entered college, she became the secretary of the School of Hospitality Management, the president of International Travel and Tourism Society, and the president of the Student Council for 3 years.

Currently, she is the president of a national organization for tourism students in the Philippines, The Union of Filipino Tourism Students. She is also working for Singapore Airlines as a Passenger Services Agent for Reservations. She travels a lot and loves dealing with different people and culture.

Blogging changed Neds life in a way that she was inspired and was able to open her eyes, heart and soul for meaningful things and she hopes that she would inspire her readers too by sharing her own little world in her own little blog.


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