5 Things My Mom Told Me While Growing Up

Published 04/19/2015 by Neds Rocillo

When I was a kid, I didn’t really understand nor appreciate the things my Mom tells me until now..


“Hay naku, pag laki mo you will remember me saying this to you.”

I remember the time when I was watching TV and my Mom would say “Hey! not too close or you will be blind!” and when I read my books, she would say “Don’t read in the dark.” Thank God I listened to my mom even though it annoys me as a child. Most of my friends have to wear glasses because of poor eyesight. Thank you Mom for constantly reminding me this things until now.


“Don’t be shy to share your talents.”

 My Mom said I started singing when I was 12 months old and started mocking my favorite Filipino singer as a child, Jessa Zaragoza. Singing is my first love. My mom has always been very supportive that she enrolled me in workshops. I would always get invited to big events in our town to sing and perform. Performing in front of a crowd gives me different emotions and the best thing about it is I get to inspire people to share their own talents too. I also grew up in a musically inclined family. Everyone knows how to play the piano except me who decided to have more intimate relationship with guitars. I’m inlove with guitars, I treat them as my own babies. lol


“Good people do bad things. Bad people do good things.”

Nobody is perfect, only He is. At a certain point, no matter how good a person is, he/she will do bad things but it is okay and it is normal. This is one of the reasons that no matter how people hurt me I never lose hope in humanity.


“Slow down. Don’t rush life.”

Life is already short for you to rush it. Enjoy every second and every minute of it because time fades and last thing you know, life is already over. Mom also taught me that life is unfair but it isn’t life if it isn’t and that totally makes sense. Live life to the fullest. No one will hate you for living life too fully.


“Pray and trust that God is with you.”

This is the best-est thing Mom has taught me. Mom taught me to never give up on what God has given me because God will not give me something I cannot handle. God has plans for me more than I have for myself so pray and thank him everyday for the blessings. If I need help, I pray. If I’m in doubt, I pray. If I’m sad, I pray. If I’m happy, I pray. I trust God with all my heart as much as I trust my Mom with everything she has taught me.

How about you? Share what your Mom has taught you!




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