What makes me happy

Published 04/04/2015 by Neds Rocillo

1. Music


I seriously can’t imagine life without music. I listen to music when I’m happy, sad, whatever my mood is, Music is basically part of my daily life.

2. Guitars


Bought my acoustic guitar when I was 12. He is my favorite home buddy for the past 9 years. My electric guitar was given to me by my father. He thought it would make me happy and he was right. Rock on \m/

3. Instagram Photos

Instagram Photos

I just love how I see beauty in all things, take a photo of it and post it on Instagram. It’s not really about the number of likes. It’s about showing how beautiful our world and life is through some pictures.

4. Shoes

shoes2 shoes


From flats to heels to sneakers to flip flops! urghhh! Shoes are worth paying for! HAHA My mom would usually scold me for buying foot wear everytime I go to the mall. But for me, beautiful shoes will take you to the most beautiful places.

5. Rosary


I feel safe everyday simply because I have my rosary with me. It constantly reminds me of my faith in God and my faith for myself.

6. Make up

make up

For me, these stuff are girls’ bestfriends. 🙂

7. Cooking shows

Cooking Shows


It’s ironic how I love all these cooking or food tv shows when I really don’t know how to cook and I don’t eat a lot. I can spend the whole day just watching these kind of shows.

8. Pillows and blanket


I just get so clingy with them beside me! zzz Who doesn’t?

Thanks for reading!


Neds ❤


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