Published 09/18/2013 by Neds Rocillo

Would you mind watching the video first before continuing? The video is about a supposed-to-be baby girl and watch what happened after 6 years of  “her” existence. 🙂

What does GAP means for you?

a.  Girl and Period

b. Guys and Panties

c. Google and Pinterest (okay? this doesn’t makes sense! HA HA)

Whatever, everybody knows that GAP stands for Gay and Proud. So today, I decided to write a post on my blog about the first thing or topic that will pop in my mind once I click the “new post”. That first thing is GAP: Gay and Proud.

During my highschool days, I was not open minded about the LGBT community. Being a catholic, I grew up believing that God created Man and Woman in his own image. He created Adam and Eve, not Adam and/or Eve.  My guy bestfriends are super manly, no guy in our family is gay. So basically, I didn’t have any idea on how to mingle with gay people.

Until.. I graduated from highschool and went to college. College: the place where I’ve met different kinds of people (Straight, Metro sexual, Lesbian, Bi, and Gay). At first, I was not really open about it. On my second year of college, I met one of the freshmen guy who used to live in my hometown. We hangout, go out with friends together, and we basically became “buddies”. Until one day, while we were on our way home, we were talking about my college “crush”( who everyone thinks is gay, EXCEPT ME!). While we were talking my friend randomly said, “I have a confession to make”. I asked him what’s with his serious face. And I was shocked with the next three words that he said. He said, “I am Bi.” You know what’s funny? I didn’t expect him to say that because he is a big guy with a big body. I couldn’t imagine him being in love with another boy. Do you know what I mean? As a friend, I’m not gonna change him, simply because I love him and his sexuality doesn’t have to do anything with our friendship.

At that point I realized that this is reality. They do exist and we have to accept who they really are because they are humans. They also feel what straight people feel. Maybe adults esp. our grandmother and grandfather would not be able to accept them as much as the young generation could. It’s true that us, young people, are more accepting because we have grown up in a world where there are gay characters on television. There are even dramas now which showcase same sex love story like the Filipino TV Drama “My Husbands Lover”.

I would like to share the video I found on Youtube. I think it’s an eye opener to “all walks of life”. Please do watch it. 🙂

I am proud to say that I am more open minded, understanding of what’s happening in the society and I support LGBT community. I don’t have anything against the opinion of other people but personally, I don’t really think that homosexuality is  a sin. It’s never a sin to be true to yourself. As long as they know their limitations and what is right and what is wrong, I don’t see anything bad about it. Some people might judge gays but let me say this….

People, stop being so shallow and get to know someone for who they truly are instead of judging them without knowing their story.


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