To the Beautiful You: Review

Published 06/06/2013 by Neds Rocillo

So I started this drama without seeing the Japanese version. I’m not a fan of Korean dramas but I ended up enjoying this more than I thought I would!

Kang Tae Joon (Paul John) and Goo Jae Hee (JayC)

Kang Tae Joon (Paul John) and Goo Jae Hee (JayC)

For those of you who are not familiar with this Korean drama, let me give you a bit of background about it. The drama is based on the Japanese Manga known as Hana Kimi. So the original title of it is “Hana Kimi”.

It’s weird though, I don’t usually get attached to dramas but I gave this one a chance and tadaaaaah! I liked it.. no! I LOVED IT! 🙂 During the first airing of TTBY here in the Philippines, practically right away, I found myself completely hooked! At the start of the show, masses of fangirls waited for the arrival of Tae Joon (Paul John) in their school. Well, I would probably be one of those fangirls.

Fangirls sneaking into Genie High on the back of Tae Joon's van

Fangirls sneaking into Genie High on the back of Tae Joon’s vanHa Na (Ina) literally somersaulting her way into Genie High on a regular basisHa Na (Ina) literally somersaulting her way into Genie High on a regular basis

Yes! Girls are willing to do everything just to get a glimpse of the boys especially Tae Joon!  Ha Na, just like Tae Joon, is also a sports athlete. She’s a gymnast. She is a childhood friend of Tae Joon and she has a “secret” love for him but duh! it was obvious because of all the efforts she’s giving just for Tae Joon to notice her! But then, Tae Joon would always reject her feelings.

Jae Hee cutting her hair to look like a boy.

Jae Hee cutting her hair to look like a boy.

Then there’s Tae Joon’s hero, Jae Hee. She lives in States but decided to go to Korea to seek out for Tae Joon. It’s not because of some crush on him, but to help him jump again. She believes in what Tae Joon said “Miracle is another name for hardwork.”


  • The OST

I do not understand the meaning of the song but it’s catchy and rock. Watch it to see some sweet scenes in TTBY. 🙂

  • Couple moments

ttby6  ttby10ttby6a  ttby7ttby8   ttby9  ttby11   ttby12

Their sweetness keeps the momentum of the show! I also got curious with their situation, with what’s gonna happen if Tae Joon finds out that Jae Hee, his roommate, is actually a girl! But then, everything felt different when he already knew her secret! Questions popped in my head:

Will he tell on that he knows she’s a girl?!
                       Will he ever admit that he likes her?!


Honestly, MinHo is not one of the best Asian actors BUT he is very likable and woops, that saves him! He is so good-looking and very adorable and the way he smiles… My heart skips a beat! He had his issues with his dad and sports but Jae Hee saved him and lead him back on track! As the show progresses, he smiles more and more often, he is the cutest best when he’s smiling.

Tae Joon in his dorky face :">

Tae Joon in his dorky face :”>

He’s also very athletic! I was always in awe whenever Min Ho had to do all kinds of sporty stuff for the camera (Pull-ups, Push-ups, jumps, etc.) Look at that body!!

ttby21  ttby20

I have to confess that it was his cuteness that really got me through the show! HA HA! FANGIRL ALERT. LOL


Tae Joon showing his love for his dog, Lettuce. 🙂


Although at the start of TTBY, his acting was exaggerated but I still love him! His childish ways, his vanity whenever he takes picture of himself in his phone. :”> I love his performance and I was impressed and I wanted to see more of him! Just like Tae Joon, he’s also a cutie!

73426_492281727495812_1364399443_n 309986_522577017799616_1547642922_n 521423_494042110653107_929948378_n 301645_504910922899559_1399860479_n

He's so funny! *imitates a caterpillar. HA HA!

He’s so funny! *imitates a caterpillar. HA HA!

He makes the show more enjoyable and fun to watch! However, everything changed when he realized that he had a crush and falling for Jae Hee. He really thought that Jae Hee was a boy until he had struggle with his sexuality.

Here are the photos of his wild fantasies involving Jae Hee!




He was upset when he realized that Jae Hee is actually a girl. He became very emotional but despite all this, he continued to protect her and her secret.

ttby28 ttby271

This was the scene wherein he shine as an actor and he was very sincere.

  • Jae Hee


Just like Tae Joon and Eun Gyul, she’s also very likable! I like her because I could relate to her. She’s willing to sacrifice everything for the one she loves. She’s an inspiration to everyone.. well, for me. 🙂 I noticed that she was very committed to her role.



Reach for your dreams and Never ever give up!

“Miracle is another name for hardwork”-Tae Joon



Jae Hee had to go back to States since her mission was already accomplished and she can no longer stay at Genie High because her biggest secret is revealed.  She wasn’t able to watch Tae Joon’s competition but to know that he’s gonna jump again made her feel contented and fulfilled.


After a year, Tae Joon followed Jae Hee in the States.


A surprise visit plus the cute smile and sweet hugs.. urggh :”> That’s too sweet!

I’m sure this show will probably appeal to teens and young-at-heart! :3


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