Leaders in the Dark.

Published 06/05/2013 by Neds Rocillo

This post is dedicated to myself and to my Student Council Officers.

Some of you might know that I am studying in a state-of-the-art school. Lucky? I guess. So anyway, I’m thankful I had the chance to lead my school community together with my Student Council officers. We had the opportunity to lead. Since we’re the pioneer batch of our school, we’re called the Legacy Student Council. For three years, we’ve become the student leaders of our school. But things weren’t easy for us. For three years, it seems that we’re leaders…Leaders in the Dark.

Our work, efforts or let’s just say, everything we do are not recognized  at all. We submitted a lot of proposals but we cannot understand why most of it are rejected. Obviously, we had a very bad experience. Hope you don’t mind but I don’t wanna elaborate. They would always say that maybe we were still young. Unfortunately, they didn’t trust our abilities as a leader. We didn’t expect that our experience as leaders was a risk. We risked our names. There’s this awkward moment that happened a year ago that truly broke my heart. One of the students, introduced me to a new student and she informed him that I am the Student Council President. Everything seems normal until there’s this one student who approached the new student and said right in front of me “You know what.. She’s not doing a good job as a president.”, that was just a slap in the face. Until now, those words haunt me.

But then great leaders serve, agree? That is why, we continued to serve our school especially our schoolmates; the students. We gave our best and I’m sure with that. Although, after the first year of serving.. we didn’t get anything even recognition BUT we continued to be servants. Yes, we serve the people, the students not the other way around.

The best servant leaders see servanthood as their identity not as a strategy. Best leaders are servants first. Servant is not a role we play but rather a reflection of who we are or are becoming. Maybe some of you are now thinking and asking: why do you serve if you do not get anything in return? I have an answer for that, I observed my co-officers and maybe they didn’t notice this but I did.. that we serve to give not to gain. Always remember this: “If we serve with an expectation of return, we’re not serving..we’re investing.”

My experience is servanthood as an identity is not a destination – it is the quintessential life-long journey. If you or I ever think we’ve arrived, we’re wrong. However, it is in the pursuit that the ideal can become more and more of a reality. I’m thankful to be on the journey with each of you, co-Leaders-in-the-Dark.

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