Love: Save the Friendship.

Published 06/04/2013 by Neds Rocillo

I’m still asking “What is love?”, “How to love?”.

I have a friend who is not really sure of what he feels for his ex-girlfriend. I asked him if he still loves the girl, he always gives me the answer “ok lang.”. But for me, if you really love a person and someone asked you that question, the one and only answer must be “Yes.”. Am I right or am I just overreacting?

He told me their story. They have a dog which gives them the “connection”. By the way, this is a long-distance relationship (same country but different city.). They were classmates (highschool days). They’ve been very close and started to fall for each other until they became lovers. They’ve been together for almost a year but things didn’t work out for them and that’s why they have decided to break up.

My friend told me that it was a mutual decision and both of them decided to Save the Friendship.

If you were my friend, would you also choose Friendship over love? Well, as for me, my friend and his ex-girlfriend did the right thing. For me, there is no such thing as Love over Friendship because what is Love without Friendship? Every relationship starts with friendship. It is the foundation of every relationship.

So one piece of advice to all the love birds out there… Stay friends even if you’re lovers!

P.S. Friendship is one of the most important values in human life. Never settle for anything less. 😉

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