Published 05/11/2013 by Neds Rocillo


SuperMom! I’m sure all of you will agree with me. Moms do not wear the cape, the boots, or cool cuffs (Well, that’s what she looks like in my head. haha) but still our moms are our very own Superwoman. 🙂 Agree? cause if you don’t, then you better kick your ass now. jk,

I’m sure our moms have been through a lot to raise their kids, to raise us. I’m sure they lived in fear. Surviving day to day basis for their children is  what’s important. So thank your mom today, every day. Take the time to say “Thank you” or “I am grateful for..”.

I am grateful for the sun in the sky, the leaves, the budding of the flowers, the clouds that bring refreshing rain, the rivers and streams that bring that water to a parched and seemingly lifeless world to reawaken it. And I am grateful to the woman who let me see this beautiful, wonderful world..Mom❤

Maybe, there would be times that our moms would ask themselves “Do my kids appreciate me? Do they care? Will they ever remember my patience, dedication and love? Does what I do matter?” well, to all the moms reading this,the answer is a big YES. So hang in there Supermoms. What you do matters and I could not find the right words to describe how grateful we are to have you.

Keep this in mind kids…

There is no way to be a perfect mom.. but there are million ways to be a good one.. and they are doing those “ways” every day, for us. So be thankful. 😉

Who we are now is all because of YOU.

In behalf of your daughter, your son, your children:

We love you and have the best day ever!

Super Happy Kids♡

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