Ejeepney: Travel Philippines.

Published 04/18/2013 by Neds Rocillo

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”


                Whoever he or she is, the person’s right. There is always a need for something which motivates people to create something new. And I believe that Ejeepney is invented because there is a need for it. March 6, 2013, the School of Computer Studies presented Ejeepney to the Treston (My school) Community. Globally, when people hear the word “Jeepney”, they think of our country, Philippines. Jeepney has always been the most reliable source of transportation for Filipinos. Compared to other public transportations, jeepneys provide faster travel and cheaper fare. Everyday going to school, I ride the jeep and unfortunately, I noticed that they’re causing too much pollution. This has been happening for decades now and it’s not good for the environment.

Ejeepney at Treston

                In response to the need to save the environment, a company invented Ejeepney. Ejeepney is also an answer to the rising problem in fuel cost.  Ejeepneys are eco-friendly. I’m glad that I was able to attend the seminar with my friends because aside from getting amazed with the electronic jeep, the seminar also helped us to realize that we have to do something to save our mother earth from all the things that might entirely destroy it.  According to the speaker during the seminar, Ejeepneys aim to demonstrate that there are climate-friendly alternatives to the current polluting modes of public transportation in the Philippines. So far, there are already Ejeepneys around Ayala, Makati but there are just few. I hope the government can support and provide budget for the eco-friendly jeeps. If they will just think of it. It will not only help the environment but it might also be an opportunity or chance for our country to be known worldwide because of the country’s good intention.

I consider Ejeepneys as “Blessing-in-disguise” because aside from helping, and saving the environment eventhough without the use of the wasteful and carbon emitting diesel, it  provides income to the vehicle drivers. However, I still have a question in mind, how can it be truly friendly to the environment if the rechargeable batteries are toxic? I’m sure they have an answer for this though.

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