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Published 10/18/2012 by Neds Rocillo

Wait, before reading the entire post.. let’s have a deal, read my post but please don’t judge.

Continue reading if you’re only ready…

“I’m scared to tell anyone what I’m going through. I’m scared of telling them how I spend hours crying because I feel so alone, how I feel so lost and empty on the inside, how I no longer have any aspirations or see a future for myself, how their hurtful words eat me up inside, how I hate myself for not having the courage to stand up for myself, how I can no longer feel emotions.

I feel dead. I feel numb and bitter and dark on the inside. I don’t want your sympathy, I want your help. I’m scared you will judge me and ignore me and think I’m mad and you’ll leave me too. I’m afraid to tell you because it’s engulfed me so much.

I’m in this whirlpool of self-hate and depression which has sucked me in and prevents me from reaching out. It’s stopping me from opening my mouth and telling anyone. So, please, help me because I don’t want to carry on like this anymore.” – via tumblr (yes, I’m not the one who wrote this but this is exactly what I feel.)

Again, I said DON’T JUDGE! </3

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