Junior Master Chef (Pinoy Edition)

Published 05/17/2012 by Neds Rocillo

Junior Master Chef is a television cooking game show created and adapted for young children. The show originated in UK and spanned to other countries. We also had it here in the Philippines! 🙂 This post is about Junior Master Chef (Pinoy/ Philippine edition).

(c) Abs-Cbn

Junior Master Chef’s (Pinoy edition) host was Ms. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo popularly known as Juday. She is an actress who has a background in culinary. Aside from being the host of the show, she was also able to help the contestants called as the ‘Kiddie Cooks’ by giving them advice when it comes to cooking. The show had three judges namely Chef Fern, Chef Lau, and Chef JP.

The prizes in the contest are given by big sponsors including my school, Treston International College. Maybe you guys are wondering why I wrote this post. It’s because ‘somehow’ I’ve became a ‘little’ part of this cooking game show. Hooray to that! HAHA! The first time they had a taping in our school, our school department is given the chance to judge in the show. They had two teams, one was the yellow team and the other was the green team! both meal prepared by two teams were delicious and believe it or not, they gave as a hard time choosing the best team but then most of us, in the end, voted for the yellow team!

I’m actually at the end of the table. *laughs

my friends with Ms. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo

I was very envious because my friends have a picture with Juday. hahaha =)) but then, thanks to my wonderful ever supportive friend who took a shot of me and Ms. Judy Ann. (below)

HAHAHA! honestly, we were just talking during those times and I didn’t have any idea of what he was doing then he just tagged me in this picture. So sweet. lol

Hahaha Anyway, I thought it would be the first and the last time that we’re going to be part of the show, and oh I was wrong! last february our dean told me that I will be part of the show again! I was one of the hundred guest tasters for the final live cook-off which was held in our school last february 18, 2012. The school was so busy during that day. A lot of Abs-Cbn Junior Master Chef’s Staffs were in the school setting up the Multi-Purpose hall which was the venue of the cook-off.

I didn’t want to be late that’s why I was so early in school. HAHA! A lot of supporters of the top 4 kiddie cooks waited in the lobby!

But no worries, this people weren’t hungry at all because of the food carts from different food companies that supported the show!

J.CO’s Doughnuts are so delicious and the best. (i’m craaaaving!)

Siomai House offers the best siomai 😀

Whoah! Now it’s time to meet the top 4 Kiddie Cooks: Kyle, Philip, Jobim, and the only girl, Mika. 🙂 At first, I can’t believe that they can cook! I’m already 18 but unfortunately, I don’t even know how to operate a stove. HAHAHA boo!

I was actually rooting for Kyle but just like other girls, I got a crush on Jobim. LMAO 😉 He’s too young for me. :))) Before the show started the hundred guest tasters had a briefing with one of the staffs of the show. We had a practice of our entrance! I enjoyed practicing and I love the choreography “Clap, Clap, Kissing right hand position, then throw it in the air” hahaha i hope you got that. Try doing that to the tune of Bilib na Bilib by Maria Aragon. Bilib na Bilib was the opening theme of JMC. =)

Ohyes! It’s me! (Before the show)

So here’s their menu for that day and the foods are prepared and served for the hundred guests tasters. 🙂

Oyster Ravioli was the best!


This was just their first challenge. They also had another challenge wherein they had to cook for an hour their specialty dish.


After the second challenge, they combined the scores from the guest tasters and in-house chef judges together with ms. judy ann santos-agoncillo. After a long wait, they finally announced the winner, the first ever Junior Master Chef (Pinoy Edition)!

4th place – Jobim Jalbuena

3rd place – Mika Tanaka

2nd place – Philip Amarillo

Junior Master Chef (Champion) – Kyle Imao

 Check out more pictures: Snapshots 

After the show, the staffs gave us food stubs 🙂 and by the way, i love the cupcake.

Looking forward to Junior Master Chef (Pinoy Edition)’s Season2 🙂

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What a great experience! :>

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