Published 12/26/2011 by Neds Rocillo

This is a song, my original composition. This is not yet done but I just wanted to share it to you guys. I made this song last November for a best friend who’s always there for me through good times and bad times. ❤


Friend, I don’t know but I just want you to stay

I want to thank you everyday, every night

Every time,  I’ll do it just for you.


There were times I said, you’re just a friend

But I can’t imagine how this life would be

If you are not with me


So I wanna thank you

From the bottom of my heart I’ll sing for you

At the top of my lungs

I’ll shout for you

And I’m proud

That I have you



You are the friend that I want to be with Forevermore ❤

You are the friend that I’ll treasure forevermore.

The best moments I had is whenever I’m with you

So I wanna say thank you

And tell me that you’ll always stay.


I’ll post a video soon. :>

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