Define Love.

Published 12/21/2011 by Neds Rocillo

Define love.

No one actually knows its definition. Others do not even know how to express it and if it’s really what they feel. Hay, People these days. When their love is there, they are taking them for granted but when they are not around, they miss them. What’s wrong people?! haha

For instance, when somebody tells you that he/she got a crush on you or likes you, is it even right to tell them that you like them too even if you don’t? or just because you’re overwhelmed by their fuck*ng words? Ha Ha!

I’m telling you, you are not in love. You are just selfish. Thinking about what good thing he/she said to you.

I had this sad realization that though I had been through many relationships, I can’t even define true love. Maybe, I’m too young. I guess, I should enjoy my life and control it for myself not for other people. I can live without a boy in my life. I need a man not a boy. It’s different. A man that knows how to respect, treasure, and love me for who I am. I don’t need a boy who doesn’t even know how to respect a girl, someone who listens but never understands. 🙂

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